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Scott Moore

CrossFit Coach

Scott Patrick Moore has over 10 years of dedicated practice in the fitness/CrossFit industry. With an unwavering passion for health and wellness, Scott has inspired countless individuals to reach their full physical potential and adopt a holistic approach to their well-being. With roots in Columbus, Ohio, Scott Patrick Moore came to Atlanta in August 1998 to pursue his education at Clark Atlanta University, where he studied Mass Media Communications with a concentration in Radio, Television and Film. This major allowed him to explore his interest in effective communication strategies, media production, and public relations. His studies equipped him with essential skills in conveying information, connecting with diverse audiences, and leveraging media platforms to disseminate impactful messages. Throughout his career, Scott has applied his expertise in mass media communications to enhance his coaching and training programs. Recognizing the power of effective communication in motivating and educating his clients, he employs various media channels to disseminate fitness tips, nutritional guidance, and inspirational content. Outside of his professional endeavors, Scott finds fulfillment in his roles as a loving husband and devoted father of two. His family serves as a constant source of inspiration, motivating him to cultivate a healthy lifestyle not only for himself but for those around him. Scott understands the importance of work-life balance and seeks to instill this philosophy in his clients, encouraging them to prioritize their physical and mental well-being while navigating their own personal and professional responsibilities. Moreover, Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture into the real estate industry. As a successful real estate entrepreneur, he has honed his business acumen and developed valuable skills in negotiation, strategic planning, and client relations. This diverse background allows him to bring a unique perspective to the health and fitness landscape, combining his expertise in coaching with his entrepreneurial mindset to create innovative and effective solutions for his clients.

His unwavering dedication to promoting health and wellness, combined with his extensive experience as a CrossFit coach, real estate entrepreneur, and family man, sets him apart, making him a valuable asset in inspiring others to embrace a healthier lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals.


Scott Moore
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